Universities of Bangladesh is world wide recognised. Dhaka University is know as Oxford of East.

Course : 05 (Five years) + 01 year internship

All the medicl colleges are affiliated to following Universities  (According to Rank).
1) Dhaka University 
2) Chittagong University 
3) Rajshahi University 
4) Shahjahal University of Science and Technology

Reputation of product in Nepal/foreign : Doctors studied from Bangladesh are considered top ranked. Therotically they are considered best in South Asia. Doctors would require maximum 3 to 6 months to adopt the pattern of treatment in Nepal/foreign nation.

Clinical : Students starts clinical classes after 18 months (Mid of 2nd year).

Exams/Tests : Bangladesh has organized pattern of exams. Details to follow-
1. ITEM test - Daily viva taken on single topic taught in previous class.
2. Card finals - Each card consists 10-15 ITEMs  (Topics). After completion of each card, students are suppose to undergo written and viva exams termed as Card final exams.
3. Term exam : At the end of every 5-6 month course which includes 2 to 3 cards, students are suppose to appear for term examinations.
4. Pre-Professional examination : Before the university exams, students are suppose to pass Pre -Professional examinations  (Sent up).
5. Professional examination : University examinations is know as Professional examinations. There re 4 professional examinations in 5 years course.

Attendance required : Minimum 80 % of attendance is required

Minimum pass marks : 60% (Individual 60% in written, vivas & practical). Hence pass marks of Bangladesh is first division.

Foreign council record : Product of Bangladesh has better record to clearing foreign nation medical council exams (USMLE, PLAB, MCI) than product of Nepal, Philippines, China, Russia & Egypt.

Famous products of Bangladesh in Nepal : Dr. Bhagwan Koirala, Dr. Bhola Rijal.
You will find minimum 2 doctors studied from Bangladesh in any hospitals. PGs from Bangladesh are considered top ranked.

Admission Procedure :
1. Select College/University 
2. Apply for admission (Seat reservation)
3. Apply in Bangladesh Embassy within Government stipulated time (Government attestation of documents required)
4. Apply for eligibility certificate from Nepal Medical Council/MCI/SMC.
5. Apply for No Objection Letter from concern ministry.
6. Make payment of Tution Fees in college account.
7. Apply for visa through Embassy of Bangladesh.

Requirements (Minimum)

1. 10th/SLC or Equivalent - Minimum 65%
2. 11th & 12th/+2 or Equivalent - Minimum 55%
3. Biology - 60% in aggregate
4. Year Gap - Not more than 2 years


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