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Football leaves legacy of hope in Namibia

WINDHOEK – Throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, organisers have insisted that the legacy of the event goes far beyond the sporting spectacle. In the dusty streets of a Windhoek township, Deon Namiseb believes this is true.

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African communication post FIFA World Cup

African business and economic development has had an unparalleled opportunity to present itself to the world media during the FIFA World Cup which took place in South Africa. A joint study between the Zurich and Pretoria offices of Media Tenor highlights how successful agenda-surfing has been in enabling the promotion of the African economic agenda.

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SIF Africa, the ethical side of finance

Ethical finance is growing roots in Africa. The possibility of making this huge continent a hub for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) investments is becoming more real. Even if it is plagued by poverty, famine and wars, Africa could play an important role in promoting a new side to development, improving the quality of life and protecting the environment.

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Glez – The World Cup beautiful ending



South Africa: the Cup is over, bring on the Olympics

The first ever World Cup on African soil has now come to an end.?South Africa says it is now ready to tackle an even bigger challenge: the first Olympics on African soil.?South Africa’s port city of Durban has been punted by authorities there as a possibility for 2020.

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World Cup: A triumph for Mandela

Mandela’s entrance to the Soccer City Stadium last night almost went unnoticed. South African TV channel Sabc1 was about to break for advertising when he arrived to watch the World Cup’s final match. This time he wasn’t wearing South Africa’s shirt, like he did for the Rugby world final 16 years ago, but a coat, hat and gloves.

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