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The deep economic and political crises in Angola

There’s a lot going on in Angola. Western media have extensively covered the trial and detention of the so-called book club (really a civic activists study group on protest) and the imprisonment of Cabinda activist Marcos Mavungo to the exclusion of other questions.

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Benefits of Backpack Biogas

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia?– Billions of dollars of aid has been pumped into Africa. Yet effective change too often remains an elusive outcome, leading to a vicious cycle: more needs, more aid but still little change. How to resolve this seemingly intractable dilemma?

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‘Bazooka’ assassination: Anti-mining activist knew his life was in danger

Xolobeni activist Nonhle Mbuthuma broke down in tears last month while addressing a mining conference in Cape Town. “Our people are being attacked. People are dying because of this,” she said, describing her community’s struggle to prevent mining on its land.

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Opinion: World Bank Reinvents Tainted Aid Program for Ethiopia

OAKLAND I was taught that responsibility means admitting your mistakes and being accountable when you make a mistake. I still believe this to be true for individuals and institutions.

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Citizen science helps South Africa manage water bodies

[JOHANNESBURG] Citizen science — a model allowing non-scientists to be part of research informing policy-makers‘ decisions —? is helping South Africans manage the use and protection of water sources.

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The Rise of Investor-State Dispute Settlement in the Extractive Sectors

GENEVA?– African countries have been active in concluding international investment treaties. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), as of end 2013, 793 bilateral investment treaties (BITs) have been concluded by African countries, representing 27% of the total number of (BITs) worldwide.

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