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The importance of research in a university

My remarks will be more critical than congratulatory. I will focus more on the challenge we face rather than the progress we have made. My focus will also be limited, to the Humanities and the Social Sciences rather than to the Sciences, to postgraduate education and research rather than to underdgraduate education.

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Corruption, Violence, Security and Development

“Conflict, Security, and Development,” the World Bank’s just-released 2011 World Development Report sheds new light on the intractable, age-old problems of weak governance, poverty, and violence. Read the comment written by Obiageli K. Ezekwesili, Mo Ibrahim and Jay Naidoo.

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The GM debate is about more than biosafety

Next month (May), after almost a decade of intense debate, Kenya is expected to become the third country in Sub-Saharan Africa — after South Africa and Burkina Faso — to approve the commercial planting of genetically modified (GM) crops.

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Rwanda’s rural housing programme: A new dawn

KIGALI: The gleam of new corrugated iron sheets shimmers through the blue-green haze that veils Rwanda’s rural valleys and hillsides. It is a visible sign of Rwanda’s metamorphosis from a nation devastated by genocide seventeen years ago to the fastest modernising state on the continent.

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And the World’s children’s prize goes to…

MILAN (Italy) – It’s not Nobel Prize season but yesterday Sweden hosted another important awarding ceremony: the World’s Children’s Prize, to celebrate the work of children’s rights advocates. The adult chosen to become the 2011 children’s rights hero is Murhabazi Namegabe, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. continue reading »

Battle Continues for Libya’s Misurata

DOHA, Qatar, Apr 27 (IPS) – Libya’s opposition fighters are battling Muammar Gaddafi’s forces on the country’s western border, while fighting continues in the besieged city of Misurata.?Pro-democracy forces said the Libyan army withdrew from central Misurata, but fierce fighting was still ongoing for control of the city’s port on Wednesday.

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