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The “African solution” will not work for Libya

President Museveni’s 3000+worded article on the situation in Libya, analyzing Gaddafi’s regime his successes and failures has been hitting headlines around the world. He joined the critics of the current bombardments against Gaddafi that were sanctioned by the UN Security Council.

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Pope sends Cardinal Peter Turkson to Ivory Coast

Head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI has taken an initiative to broker peace in Ivory Coast by sending top Ghanaian Catholic Church clergyman, Peter Cardinal Appiah Turkson to that country.

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Malawian cotton farmers ecstatic over high prices

LILONGWE – An ardent listener to the radio, small-scale cotton farmer Mercy Kaduya from Chikhwawa in Nsanje in southern Malawi has just heard an item during the international news segment that cotton prices have hit a record high on the international market.

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Kenya: faith leaders meet to develop environmental action plans

NAIROBI – Faith leaders representing millions of Christian and Muslim followers in sub-Saharan Africa are meeting in Nairobi this week for a two-day conference on developing faith-based environmental action plans.

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Museveni: “The al-Qaddafi I Know”

Uganda would consider granting asylum to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the country’s junior foreign affairs minister said Wednesday. Earlier this month, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni wrote a lengthy newspaper article published by Foreign Policy in defense of the Libyan leader.

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Libya: conference in London


International leaders plotted out an endgame on Tuesday for Moammar Gadhafi’s tottering regime, as British Prime Minister David Cameron accused the Libyan leader of shooting and starving his opponents into submission. Opening the talks, Cameron said the conference at London’s Lancaster House would sketch out how the world could help Libya on a path to a post-Gadhafi rule.?Video By Vox Africa

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