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South Sudan: A more gender representative leadership


As the general elections scheduled for April 2010 draw nearer in Africa’s largest country ravaged by a long drawn war, the scramble for political positions is rife as women struggle to make their presence felt.

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2009: a good year

What follows is a review of the best stories that the Africa The Good News’ editorial office – among Afronline partners – encountered through the coverage of an enlightening and challenging year.

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Monument lifted from Cleopatra’s underwater city

Archaeologists hoisted a 9-ton temple pylon from the waters of the Mediterranean that was part of the palace complex of the fabled Cleopatra before it became submerged for centuries in the harbour of Alexandria. The pylon, which once stood at the entrance to a temple of Isis, is to be the centerpiece of an ambitious underwater museum planned by Egypt to showcase the sunken city, believed to have been toppled into the sea by earthquakes in the 4th century.

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Chinese in Cameroon: an agricultural misunderstanding


In 2006 Cameroon sold 10,000 hectares of lands to a Chinese company. Now, three years later, local population and civil society – who were not consulted on the sale – continue denouncing the presence of the Chinese and the lack of understanding deepens.

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The failed promise of aid in Africa

Ama Biney reviews two recent books, united in their call for Africa’s disengagement from aid dependency, but with sharply contrasting ideological visions for how to do this and to what end: Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid Why Aid is Not Working and How There is Another Way for Africa and Yash Tandon’s Ending Aid Dependence.

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Mali: Waiting for the carbon credit


In 2012, when Senegalese Acacias will grow, the inhabitants of the area of Nara, northern Mali, will benefit from the selling of carbon credit and from the export of the Arabic gum. However, their daily life has already changed. And because they are spending more of their time planting trees, they emigrate less than before.

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